IDEAs vision is to ‘fuel the power of persuasion’ and we create social impact in civil society and economic sustainability, providing marginalised young people the opportunity to be active, open, tolerant citizens of the 21st Century.

We promote social mobility and social inclusion of marginalised young people by developing skills such as critical thinking, critical consumption skills, divergent thinking, analysis, public speaking, active listening, advocacy and teamwork by mentoring them to debate issues important to them in weekly Debate Clubs and tournaments.

We run the World Debate Club programme for young people, staffed by University student debaters and corporate volunteers in youth cubs, schools and FE Colleges. Each quarter we host an international debate with young people oversees via video conferencing. Each month we organise a competitive debate league for all the Debate Clubs to enter, the final is held in the Houses of Parliament each year.

IDEAs World Debate Club programme in youth clubs, state schools and FE Colleges capacity builds essential communication skills whilst increasing confidence and self-esteem. By utilising corporate volunteers from companies such as Shell, Tallow Oil and the UK Civil Service we widen young people’s social networks, raising their aspiration and self-esteem.

Alongside our weekly World Debate Club programme, we capacity build educators and community leaders to use debate as a means to help address social issues, develop public advocacy skills, citizenship, human rights awareness, and conflict resolution.

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